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Water Jet Cutting

This process utilises a jet of water pressurised to 30,00090,000 psi (210–620 MPa) that is then forced through a nozzle to produce a jet of water thinner than a human hair. In a pure water form this can cut rubbers, plastics, sponges, paper and many other materials to many millimetres thick extremely accurately. With introduction of an abrasive powder, it is capable of cutting Steels, Titanium, Inconel and other metals, as well as composites like Carbon Fibre. With the advantage that with extremely localised heat generation it produces zero or minute blackening on the cut edge.Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting has tremendous advantages over traditional manufacturing methods when dealing with thick rubbers and sponges, or when ultra accurate or complicated gaskets are required. It also comes into it’s own when customers are developing new products and require one’s and two’s of different components, as it doesn’t require tooling. Infinite variations on dimensions are possible with a few simple keystrokes at the processor controller.


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