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Log Cutting

Log Cutting

Here at RFI Seals & Gaskets (An Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd group company) we have over 30,000 Square feet of manufacturing facilities which utilises a wealth of manufacturing capabilities including a Log Cutting section.

This process is able to produce Log Cut strip products in either plain or self adhesive backed formats and widths starting from 4mm to over 1metre in any increment between. We have a Full Log Cutting section built up from state of the art CNC Controlled machinery from the worlds leading manufacturer of Log Cutters CMC Cevenini and ALS.


We currently have 4 log cutting machines which are ALL CNC controlled for maximum efficiency and accuracy. Logs of material are prepared by our Adhesive coating/tension rewind section, material is wound onto cardboard cores which easily slide onto our log cutting shaft ready for conversion into coils.

The machine is then programmed for size, quantity, speed of cut and blade grinding frequency to allow for the very best products in the fastest possible time.

The finished coils are then passed onto our final inspection/packing area for despatch or collection.


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