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Heavy Presses

We have a Heavy Presses section that is built up from several Heavy Presses that have the capability of Pressing some of the harder materials within our current catalogue. Materials such as SRBP, SRBF, Mica, Nylon, Epoxy Glass, Polypropylene, Kapton, Nomex and many more are quickly and efficiently converted into many different products.

Heavy Presses

Some of the most common products off this section are Washers in all shapes and sizes but many more parts can be produced with can easily incorporate holes, contours etc. Our tooling is manufactured to the highest degree of accuracy to help ensure the finished parts are of the very best quality both in terms of finish and accuracy.

We currently produce quantities of parts on this section at well over 2 Million per month with lots of spare capacity to fulfill even the largest of orders.

We use many years of experience to produce parts where others fail, this is in part due to production methods bespoke to us here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd (RFI Seals).

Is our Heavy Presses section of interest to you?

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