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Guillotine Cutting

RFI Seals & Gaskets (Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd) has several Guillotine Cutting machines to quickly and efficiently cut many of our materials to size under the tightest possible tolerances. We are able to cut a range of materials from foam rubber to harder substrates such as plastics, nylon, SRBP etc.

Guillotine Cutting

This process also caters for our own internal preparation to allow for further production methods. Our Guillotines can cut widths of material well over 1 metre if required, we also have an automatic Guillotine Cutting process (material widths up to 380mm) with automatic feed system to cut product to accurate dimensions.

Quality of products from Guillotine Cutting

The quality of the products passing through this process is controlled by the procedures set out in our fully documented Quality Management System to BS 9001:2015. This gives the customer confidence and helps ensure the customer receives a consistent, quality product.

Do you need help with Guillotine Cutting?

If you require any help with Guillotine Cutting or require any of your own material to be cut please do not hesitate to contact us via Tel: 01384 252555 or you can also use the Contact Form which can be found on our Contact Us page.

Alternatively you can find out further information on our main website which can be found at

You can also access our corporate Intranet page at Here you will find tolerance charts, company contact details, material data sheets and much more besides