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Shown below are some of the most common faqs, if your question is not shown below please Contact Us on 01752 841051 for the answers you require.

Q; Can I buy a single item from you?

A; Yes, we welcome ALL enquiries from the smallest to the largest; we endeavour to service all our customer accounts equally with excellence and professionalism at ALL times.

Q; How much do your products cost?

A; This varies quite considerably dependent on the type of material chosen along with the product/format and quantities involved. We source our vast range of materials from around the globe, we are also able to carry huge quantities of stock which is ready for immediate conversion. This ensures the very best price and product availability at ALL times.

Q; Can I specify the thickness of the product I require?

A; Yes in most cases, we have full splitting and skiving facilities IN HOUSE, we also have several foam saws that have the capacity to cut foam products up to 1.2 metres in thickness. Solid rubber and other specialist products come in a range of standard thicknesses.

Q; What is density?

A; Density is simply weight per unit volume. Typically measured in kilograms per cubic metre.

Q; How do I request a sample?

A; Simply contact our experienced UK based sales team direct via the telephone on +44 (0)1752 841051 or our switchboard on +44 (0)1384 252555 or send us an Email on  For convenience you can also fill out the section on our Contact Us page or send us an SMS call back request from your mobile. We will then arrange for samples to be manufactured and sent out ASAP.

Q; Can I get technical help?

A; Yes,of course, our experienced sales and technical team have well over 150 years of combined experience dealing with both the simple and some of the most unusual of requests, We are able to offer invaluable help with product and material selection to enable the product to best suit your particular application or environment.

Q; Can I get a specification sheet for my chosen materials?

A; Yes, Most specification sheets are downloadable from our Corporate intranet home page please click on the link, you will find both branded and unbranded specification sheets for viewing, download and email link. More information is available upon request please contact us.

Q; What tolerances do you manufacture to?

A; We currently work to our standard Commercial tolerances which can be referenced HERE. These tolerances are industry standard and most often specified by the raw material manufacturers. We can however look at individual projects that have alternative tolerance bands to see whether manufacturing is feasible.

Q; What is the average shelf life of the adhesive?

A; The average shelf life is approximately 1-2 Years dependent on the grade chosen and storage conditions of the product, This doesn’t mean that the product is not functional after this period it means that some loss of tack may of occurred. Some material groups such as solid rubbers and PVC foams may have a shorter shelf life, this is due to the migration of oils and plasticisers from the material, please ask for further details.

Q; What does the FR reference mean?

A; The FR reference means that the material is FLAME RETARDANT, this differs and alters according to specifications and resistance times, PLEASE view a relevant specification sheet for more precise details. You can also find out a little more on flame retardant by visiting our section on our Glossary page, please click HERE to view the information on our main site.

Q; Can you help with design and prototype?

A Yes, We can offer valuable assistance on product selection based on our many years of experience in the Rubber and Plastic trade. If you have a particular application the chances are we have experienced it before and come up with a robust and cost effective solution. CONTACT US if you require further assistance.

Q; Can I conduct a visit to your premises?

A; Yes, However, we are a very busy manufacturing company so it needs to be planned and booked well in advance. CONTACT US for further help and guidance on visits.

Q; What if I have a rejection or complaint?

A; We take complaints and rejections very serious; we log your complaint or rejection using our bespoke MRP system where it allows us to keep full traceability, record corrective action and document the complaint in full. We endeavour to deal with complaints and rejections in the fastest possible time. Our quality department can be contacted on 01384 469103 you can also Email our main Quality department on or by clicking HERE.

Q; Can you produce gaskets to my design?

A; Yes, We have full CNC controlled machinery along with highly skilled machinists. Our tooling is also manufactured using the most up to date laser technology to the closest possible tolerances.

Q; How long will it take to produce my order/s?

A; We plan each order prior to issuing the order out to the production department, The planning of orders takes into account current stock levels of raw material along with spare and available capacity. We endeavour to fulfill all orders in the quickest possible time frame. You can progress your order at any time by contacting our progress department on 01384 469123 you can also Email our progress department on or by clicking HERE.  

Q; Do you have a company brochure?

A; Yes, We have a company brochure in several formats including hard copy and DIGITAL COPY, The hard copy is available upon request. CONTACT US.

Q; Are prices inclusive of VAT?

A; NO, all our prices are excluding VAT, it is applied at the current rate which is 20% (subject to change), European and VAT exempt customers are not expected to pay.

Q; Can I collect?

A; Yes, but please contact OUR despatch department on 01384 469125 to see whether your order is complete and ready for collection before setting out.

Q; Can I pay by credit/debit card/

A; Yes, although there may be a surcharge for using these types of payment card. please contact our accounts department for further information. Our accounts department can be contacted on our switchboard number 01384 252555.

Q; Do we operate a Quality Management System?

A; Yes, We operate a Quality Management System to ISO 9001 this is externally certified by ISOQAR, our latest certificate can be found and downloaded HERE. You can also check our current status online by clicking HERE and using our certificate number 3621.

Q; What are your hours of business?

A; Our standard specified hours of business for the factory are:

  • 08.30 – 16.30 Monday-Thursday
  • 08.00 – 16.00 Friday
  • Saturday-Sunday closed

A; Our standard specified hours of business for the office are:

  • 09.00 – 17.00 Monday-Thursday
  • 08.30 – 16.30 Friday
  • Saturday-Sunday closed

Q; What are your holiday periods?

A; PLEASE contact us on 01752 841051 for our shutdown periods for the coming year.

Q; Can I open a credit account?

A; Yes we gladly accept credit accounts (subject to status), you can contact us for more info or simply download and complete the attached credit applications form by clicking HERE. Upon receipt of your completed credit application we will conduct thorough checks and processing with a decision given shortly after.

Q; How can I place an order?

A; Orders can be placed using several methods, You can contact us on 01752 841051 or via email on you can also complete the order application section on our Contact Us page. Fax is ALSO available should you wish to use this format, our Fax number is 01384 252373. Postal orders are also accepted and should be sent to the following address:

RFI Seals & Gaskets

Polymer Works,

Hope Street,


West Midlands,


United Kingdom,


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